3 Effective Phases of Talent Management

Solutions At Work announces the release of S3 Strategic Talent Solutions, a new business program in partnership with Potentia.works. This program blends human resources acumen with experienced talent development methods to create focused talent management strategies.  Strategic Talent Solutions, or S3, is a dynamic new talent development program that provides clarity and direction for implementing […]

I-9 Changes Are Coming – Are You Ready? 


Utilizing Assessments for Hiring Part 2


Utilizing Assessments for Hiring Part 1

Spring Cleaning A complete guide to cleaning out your employee files

How To ‘Spring Clean’ Your Employee Files

Helpful ‘Spring Cleaning’ tips on what to do with your employee files. A complete guide to cleaning out your employee files.

Reno Sparks Chamber of Commerce

How to Keep Teams Engaged in the Virtual Workplace – Chamber EDU

Nicole Murray and Melissa Davies of Clark and Associates to discuss how to keep teams engaged in the virtual workplace.

5 Crucial Priorities for Modern Leaders

5 Crucial Priorities for Modern Leaders

There is a solution for organizations to reestablish order based on leadership principles that will last for the long run.

Employee Retention strategies to retain top talent

Employee Retention Strategies to Retain Top Talent

List of 9 strategic employee retention tactics that will help you re-engage and keep your top performers by Solutions at Work.

But only 13% have confidence in their rising leaders

How important is it for business leaders to get it right in 2021?

There is a pathway to learning and enhancing critical skills so that leaders can maximize their impact over the long-term.

Rightsizing – when is the best time for planning?

Rightsizing – when is the best time for planning?

As we turn the corner and leave 2020 behind, contemplating how to begin planning for rightsizing. 2020 will go down in history as one of the most difficult years for many businesses.  Some experienced reductions in force or downsizing, some experienced physical office changes due to more remote work, and some businesses were forced to […]

Onboarding Best Practices, don't let new hires fend for themselves

Onboarding Best Practices: Don’t Let Your New Hires Fend for Themselves

Your new employees demonstrated themselves to you during the hiring process – Solutions At Work can help you prove yourself to them during onboarding. First impressions can dictate whether or not a new employee will stay long-term with a company. So why do so many companies treat their employee’s first day like it’s the first time […]

Sexual harrasment in the workplace

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Anti-Harassment Complaint Procedure

Viewpoint_ 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Anti-Harassment Complaint Procedure As employers revisit their anti-harassment policies, they also should fine tune their complaint procedures. Without a robust complaint procedure that employees trust, an anti-harassment policy is not worth the paper on which it is written. 1. Make Clear Who Can Bring Complaints Complaint procedures should not be […]

Partnership Access to Service and Solutions

Have questions? We have answers…

P.A.S.S. program Powered by Solutions At Work, the P.A.S.S. program is a cost effective resource for members to access knowledge and expertise related to Human Resources (HR) topics. It is simple!  Members can call, email, or text unlimited questions with an expectation to receive information in 24 – 48 hours. What you can expect: Peace of mind, […]

Opioid epidemic in the workplace

Addressing Opioids in the Workplace

We have published this helpful toolkit to help address this problem. Click Here for the Full Benefits Toolkit – Addressing Opioids in the Workplace There are over 42,000 opioid-related deaths in the United States each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—a figure that has been rising steadily since the turn […]

What is Compensable time

Compensable Time: What You Need to Know

Click Here for the full HR Brief – April 2018 The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to pay their employees for all hours they are “suffered or permitted to work.” These hours are known as “work hours” or compensable time. What is compensable time? Compensable time includes all hours during which an individual […]



Click Here to download the full copy of the NERC Pregnancy Rights Notice Pursuant to NRS 613.335 and sections 2 to 8, inclusive, of the Nevada Pregnant Workers’ Fairness Act (effective October 1, 2017) employees have the right to be free from discriminatory or unlawful employment practices based on pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical […]

Compliance Bulletin - New I-9 Form Released

New I-9 Form Available

On July 17, 2017, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, issued an updated version of Form I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9). Under federal law, every employer that recruits, refers for a fee or hires an individual for employment in the United States must complete a Form […]

investing in human capital and infrastructure leads to happy employees

Why It’s Time to Make Human Resource Management a Priority

When 60% of your company’s budget is comprised of human capital, wages, taxes and benefits, HR resource management quickly becomes a priority. Human resource management is the most effective way to ensure productivity, goal achievement and overall profitability. Quality assurance, customer service and productivity initiatives are driven by your employees, who in turn are guided […]

How Solutions At Work Supports BOOMCHICKAPOP’s Growth in Reno

How Solutions At Work Supports BOOMCHICKAPOP’s Growth in Reno

An increasing number of established companies are setting up new operations in Reno, bringing new jobs and investments to our region. Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP, an artisan snack company based in Mankato, Minnesota, is one of those organizations. Companies like BOOMCHICKAPOP who are managing new operations in Reno are discovering that expansion comes with its own set of unique […]

Onboarding a new employee at the company

Onboarding New Employees In 9 Simple Steps

Did you know that half of all management-level hires fail within the first 18 months of employment? The statistics are just as grim for hourly employees — half of them leave new jobs within the first 120 days!  Every HR professional knows that turnover is costly and all too common. The good news is that […]

Solutions At Work Expands Reach Statewide with Orgill/Singer & Associates Partnership

Solutions At Work Expands Reach Statewide with Orgill/Singer & Associates Partnership

Solutions At Work, a leading provider of smart HR services and employee benefits solutions in Northern Nevada, has recently partnered with Orgill/Singer & Associates Inc. The partnership is expected to spur rapid growth and opportunity statewide for both parties. Orgill/Singer & Associates, a major independent insurance agency headquartered in Las Vegas, made a significant investment […]

What Millenials want in the work place

Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Millennials

Today’s workforce is dramatically changing, influenced by trends like the retirement of baby boomers and the widespread use of the internet and social media. Recruitment strategies must also change in order to keep pace with technological advancements. For example, the paper application process has largely been replaced by electronic HR technologies. LinkedIn, Facebook, your company […]

Human Resource Consulting

No Changes to the State’s Minimum Wage or Overtime Requirements for Nevada in 2014

Thoran Towler, the Nevada Labor Commissioner, announced that there will be no change to the state’s minimum wage or overtime requirements in 2014. The minimum wage for employees who receive qualified health benefits from their employers will remain at $7.25 per hour and the minimum wage for employees who do not receive health benefits will remain […]

Commercial Insurance Solutions

Solutions At Work and OnePoint Team Up to Deliver Better Workforce Management

Solutions At Work and OnePoint have joined forces to help you manage your organization’s assets. Learn more about our offerings: Workforce Management Suite Applications Time and Labor Management Human Resources Solutions and Consulting Payroll Services Download the OnePoint HCM Workforce Management Suite Flyer