HR and Payroll Consultant

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As a Northern Nevada Native, Dani’s roots run deep.  She was the last member of her family to graduate from a Nevada School and she was determined to attend the University of Nevada, Reno and its highly ranked School of Business.

Armed with various scholarships, including Governor Guinn’s Millennium Scholarship, Dani enrolled at the University of Nevada, Reno. Her intended educational goal was to receive a B.S. in business administration, but her work experiences lead her to change her focus to Human Resources Management, earning high grades in each of her classes.  Dani graduated with High Distinction, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, Human Resources emphasis, as well as an Accounting Minor.  Dani also served as the Secretary for the school’s Management and Human Resources Association from 2006 to 2008, as well as represented their team at the HR Games in Long Beach, California in 2007.

After a thrilling 10-year career at Cinemark Theatres, not only experiencing films with movie goers, Dani worked hard implementing Human Resources practices that help the company provide a superior customer and employee experience.  During her tenure, Dani served as the hiring manager, selecting candidates that would provide the best customer service, as well as fit within the company’s culture.  She performed other various HR duties, including scheduling, payroll, employee evaluations and training.  Dani is proud that through training and development, several of her hires have been moved into management and are currently providing the same guidance to new employees.

Several things that have been said about Dani: she pays great attention to detail, she is extremely organized, she has an above-average understanding of computers, software, and technology, and she has a determination to understand the “how’s and why’s” of Human Resources.

The Solutions At Work value Dani resonates with the most is Authenticity. She has always placed authenticity at the forefront of all of her relationships, both personal and professional.  She believes that in order for us to succeed, we must live and lead in our truest forms, communicating openly, and building trusting foundations.  We must be able to say what we mean and have the ability to have honest conversations, feedback, and progress.  On this path, we find that we do not have time for those who don’t deal in the truth and we look to build relationships with those we want to grow and learn from, which in turn keeps us honest and true.

Dani also believes that by embracing authenticity in the workplace, an employer can make their employees happier, improve workplace culture, and optimize operations.  Employees are able to perform better when they can be their true selves and rely on the trusting connections they have created with their co-workers and leadership.  Here at Solutions At Work, we work to collaborate with our clients to align their vision and values with those of their employees.  We want to help foster genuine connections between our clients and their employees, ensuring both are invested in one another, which can create a better work environment.