Candidate Sourcing

Finding the Best Talent with Smart Staffing Solutions

How do you find and identify qualified candidates? How do you attract and retain them?

Candidate sourcing is a fiercely competitive field.  Solutions At Work’s highly trained recruitment professionals aren’t daunted by the challenges that come with finding the right prospect for our clients. The keyword here is “right.” We do not just find the best and most qualified candidates, we find the ones that will fit into and thrive in a client’s organizational structure and culture. And, we do it in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our client’s business needs and goals are our main consideration. Utilizing a variety of resources and an extensive network, Solutions At Work’s skilled job placement specialists are able to successfully source candidates for our clients. Our team works closely with the hiring managers to determine the client’s needs, and obtain an understanding of the skills and qualifications required for open positions. We also have a vast range of tools, skills, and techniques that enable us to conduct a rigorous and accurate assessment of candidates. Our holistic and thorough approach involves:

  • Understanding the (client’s) industry, from the market trends to the issues it faces
  • Knowing the (client’s) organization and culture
  • Gaining a deeper insight into the functional role that needs to be filled and the challenges inherent in the position
  • Assessing each qualified candidate and determining their competencies, characteristics and quirks, strengths and weaknesses

When sourcing candidates for positions, Solutions At Work goes above and beyond the usual recruitment techniques. We are also fully aware of the costs associated with an unsuccessful hire.  We always make it a point to get it right the first time. At the end of the day, the goal of our talent acquisition team is to ensure all our clients attract and retain the best talent.

Ready to find the right candidate for your company? Contact Solutions at Work to learn more about our talent acquisition services and staffing solutions, and what they can do for you.

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