Have you ever worked for an organization that that had someone in a key leadership position that didn’t seem to fit? Perhaps they were a cultural misfit and didn’t share the values or the history of the organization. Or their rise to authority was based on fertilizing the company’s family tree? Perhaps there was a glaring character flaw or key competency missing that was obvious to everyone on their team but not to them or the person that hired them?

There may be lots of reasons why organizations have people in positions of leadership that either don’t fit, don’t have the necessary skills, or just seem to be missing something. Ask yourself if any of the following statements ring true:

  • I cannot connect with my boss, and it feels awkward communicating.
  • Company leadership is obsessed with meeting company financial goals over cultivating and growing their people.
  • I do not feel that leadership cares about my well-being and career success.
  • I do not trust that the organization “walks its talk” regarding its values.
  • Our leadership demonstrates poor emotional intelligence.
  • We operate out of silos and our leaders support their own agendas over the common good.

If any of the above statements resonate, it’s easy to pick out effective leaders and those that need some help to grow. Like EQ, it all starts with self-assessment, and that awareness leads to an understanding that talent doesn’t grow on trees and needs nourishment to grow. The healthiest, most productive, and most profitable organizations value purpose and people over profits.

An effective talent development program can make a big difference in the success of an organization, particularly when planning for leadership succession. Imagine identifying high-potential employees who are motivated to align their leadership growth with a talent strategic plan for the good of the organization.

Strategic Talent Solutions, or S3, is a dynamic new talent development program that provides clarity and direction for implementing an effective strategic talent plan. This three-phased program focuses on discovery, assessment, and needs analysis, as well as the development of future leaders for company growth and succession sustainability.

The Stalent development and succession program is designed to ensure your organization can:

  • Identify talent gaps.
  • Align talent with your strategic plan.
  • Create a strong bench with the right people in the right position.
  • Effectively leverage and transition leadership talent.
  • Utilize a framework for developing future leadership.
  • Develop a blueprint for talent succession.

S3 is composed of three phases:

  • S1   — Discovery and Needs Analysis
  • S2  — Talent Assessment and Benchmarking
  • S3  – Talent Development.

S3 program’s Talent Development:

Candidates for executive leadership positions receive developmental workplans with measurable objectives and actions. Some common areas for development include:

  • Prioritized Leadership​ training
  • Strategic Thinking​
  • Behavioral communication
  • Emotional Intelligence​
  • Conflict Resolution​
  • Team Alignment​ and Performance
  • Productivity and Efficiency

The Sprocess reveals the knowledge, skills, and abilities of high-potential candidates, which prepares them for advancement or promotion. S3 systematically guides client companies through a thoroughly documented process with facilitators, trainers, and coaches. Both organizational and individual work plans are followed to ensure talent gaps are identified and leadership development results in a healthy, productive, and profitable way.

For more information: Contact Andrew Hill at Potentia.works, in partnership with Solutions at Work, at 775-722-8186.