The work world is changing at an unprecedented rate. According to the Society of Human Resource Management, in 2021 an average of 3.98 million workers left their jobs each month. Employers are currently forced to review their culture and benefits. Are you prepared to critically evaluate your company culture?

Typically, when a business is tasked to assess its culture, it can be difficult to review objectively. This also makes it difficult to determine where, if any, breakdowns occur. It is common for a business to first pivot to issuing a workplace survey. Unfortunately, the downfall with surveys is the willingness of employees to participate or for them to answer honestly. According to award-winning author Dr. Donald Sull of MIT Sloan School of Management, 1 in 10 employees will cite toxicity as a part of the culture. This can be a result of their colleagues, subordinates, or management. 

When a business fails to address cultural concerns immediately, that toxicity can spread. Once this happens it can be difficult for a company to make a comeback. Leadership may scramble to do “damage control”, whether that is being forced into difficult hiring decisions, refocusing on employee retention, or issuing disciplinary actions. It is important to note that any corrective measure in a ‘damage control’ plan will likely result in unforeseen expenses, time loss, and talent loss.   

Here at Solutions At Work, we understand the importance of having a strong team culture and can perform a comprehensive culture assessment that would include findings and recommendations to move forward in a positive direction.